The BLOG is back & the Shopping Bag Universe with extra dimensions (excuse the time shift)

Under the same old management and completely unimproved – same old potholes and aimless sign posts …

Well the big news is we are still here and now its having a rest. The LHC didn’t disappear up its own black hole – and neither did we. We’d never have known if we had, so its not much of an issue really.

I have been trying to write a very short piece understanding the whole Universe thing. I mean every action has an equal and opposite reaction, but, some complicated maths, and e=mc2 still leaves a few gaps it seems – useful though they have been.

The Universe seems to need more dimensions than my wife has handbags – and I’m not at all sure those facts are unconnected. BUT of the four we seem to experience, they are needed just to put the “particles/waves” in —but how do you code those beefcakes? They spin this way and that, have charm, a few are downright queer, but SOMEWHERE you have to put that “stuff”, or if it aint not there – not put nuthin. So HOW does it work? Can we say its about here this Wavicle thing – but you smear it all about like honey on the counter to put the rest of it somewhere? No wonder you have to have lots of nothing everywhere else or it would be forever running into itself. It makes more sense to hang all the data stuff in a bag under the space – then when you (well you a Wavicle) run into another Wavicle thingy your hanging bits can sort of clang about and get themselves sorted, then you can scoot off just like you were, except maybe the banging about pushed you a bit sideways, and you swapped a few goodies between your bags, and you feel a bit odd now and again.

Thats about it really – I think  the clanging about is a bit like the sparks you get with overhead cables on tramways. So all we need to know is how deep these hanging bags are, and if they have to have side bags for the plus and minus bits (or your backup cell). Makes you think the Universe must be the mad dream of an under-employed accountant. On the other hand if you can get by with bags, if you need them, what happens when you don’t? I mean there isn’t much in them just a few gobs of magnetism, some ups and downs and a spin or two, maybe a colour wheel borrowed from Apple, so maybe you can make do with fractions of dimensions – to save space so to speak. The pundits suggest they are all rolled up dimensions and maybe they are until they need to clang about, then like a red carpet they fly out for a little sortie, then spring back in again all neat and tidy like your Grandma’s front room.

So I tried to keep it simple for you. Its a shopping bag universe – I knew I’d find the right term in the end. And what’s more, it will help you make sense of grocery shopping. I’m not sure sure about my wife’s handbag – I think that is in the black hole category to be honest.


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