A picture is worth a thousand words ..

Once upon a time, in a cloud near you,



I thought we needed to get off to a serious start. But of course its more complex than this – it has to be with you, me, and the oncoming thunderstorm all using the cloud.


I told you it was more complex – and this is just a simplification. I got so muddled up trying to get to grips with 0’s and 1’s all muddled up in three dimensions, charged or not, I am afraid it all led to this:

“not understood”

Do you think that increased cloudiness, because of cloud computing, is leading to more rainfall? Is it the real cause of climate change? If you are in middle America, or voted Republican, don’t bother answering the question. You KNOW climate change is a sin wrought upon Democrats and heathens (of any stripe) to confuse the right thinking godly.

PS  the word count is only 154, but count the pictures, and ….


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