Shameful plug (the one from the bath)

Now Christmas has passed I thought you might like to know about a story that wrote about what happened to itself and Santa during that time. It used 3529 carefully chosen words for which it paid good money (some used more than once, for which it got a discount). It has rather many pictures, but was unable to count them on account it was using most of its fingers to write the story. But the downer is that they seem to have been drawn by the senior assistant elf “CLUNK.” Together with the fact that the pongids at Galactic Central Processing also had a lot to do with the writing speaks for itself – this is not your regular story. (Psst –  its about (eventually) OCI Brampton – well I can’t tell you – but you might guess.)

So anyway – if you haven’t any time to read it – put your gadget on autospeak and your car on autopilot – in case of lethal ennui.

I NEARLY forgot!!  Its called “Santa and the Christmas Count” – its not about the aristocracy, or arithmetic (well not REALLY) . . . .


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