Skull found in cave closed for 30,000 years, opened with Bulldozer

My wife read this out to me – so I said “So who lost the key for all that time?”  Did his/her wife/husband leave when he was out chasing a rabbit/cave lion, or whatever, and she/he had forgotten to take his/her key? The bind moggles I have to say. This one is a story for the ages – so all you fiction writers get to it – its pre-Clan of the Cave Bear so you have free reign. We might need paleo-CSI down here too. Don’t move anything it may be a crime scene – at the very least its a domestic.

They are hunting for a jaw bone I bet – lets hope (s)he didn’t clean their teeth with CREST, so they can get isotope readings from the plaque. We need to know our ancestors had their veggies.

I see that the CCT coverage for the cave entrance ran out of gas (on man farts probably) but there is a glimpse of a beetling-browed guy carrying a clubby thing – probably just got lost from the baseball game – these away games a real pain. You follow a star (we’ve heard that before, or was it after?), get lost, and then there is no team to play because they all followed the herd. Time for a bit of cross-breeding, I can leave my jeans here.

CU in 30K


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