Eggz on Mars ? gotta keep the troops happy

I keep falling over these eggz things. Well it can’t be helped I suppose life being what it is. What is it indeed? No clear answers on that yet.

Now, I like to keep a Galactic perspective for us all, and for this YouTube is the best source – unless you have personal links and level >33 security clearance for the lower levels of Area 51 (in USA), although I gather that base is moving to a more inhospitable environment (Mars wasn’t bad enough probably).

That being the case I found movies of the Martian surface, apparently well bestrewn with ancient alien artefacts and buildings, but this movie was perhaps leaked from the colony of 100,000 US military that was taken there in the 70s – maybe from a Jump Room somewhere (you jump through a couple of electro-magnetic hoops and low and behold you are somewhere entirely different. Psst don’t try this at home without telling your Mom)), or maybe by one of those 25 mile diameter alien mother ships we hear so much about. A one-way fare would have saved a bit on the tax rate at the time.

Anyway it was a movie when I found it – but, as I have explained elsewhere I’m too cheap to spring for a proper subscription, so the rooster (possible bi to be more efficient – chicken-feed DNA splice for a ChickenLanding

biologist) got cut dead with a screen shot. I thought a bit of dialogue would help, so I added some. It reminds me of a story my Dad told me about his experiences in North Africa during War II. Scrambled eggs always came from tins of egg powder, BUT, if they did get their hands on a real egg the cooks smashed the shell into tiny pieces to put in the ‘egg’ mix. Thus encouraging the thought they were eating real eggs.

Well thats about it – might change your mind about signing up for the next one-way Mars trip?

Don’t say I don’t keep you up to date and well informed.


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