art – no less – maybe

Anyway, I know I  really should get back to my Previous Post on Preview (people must be panting to use it), but meanwhile I tested out Painter Essentials 5 with a drawing I did some years ago during a storm. I didn’t want a full-blown painting – just some highlights added – most drawing paper is nowhere near a pure white. So its either Chinese White, unless you want to ruin the the Chinese economy, in which case its White-Out. BUT, I find the white-out brush hard to control. Anyway, here it is.

There is no shipping light at the end of the pier because it was smashed off by a similar Gale about 6 months prior to the drawing. I hear its been replaced now by something disgusting mechanical and ugly – but it has the required light.


A deer grazing in our back yard – a photo at dusk that was treated by the “woodcut” option in Painter Essentials 5 (I am using the free 30 day option currently)

Interesting as a study in textures.


as is the extract using ‘sketch’ of fast moving water with waves


C u yall l8tr


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