The Canadian Great Superstore and the Great Butterstick Mystery

If you follow the shelving habits of the Superstore as closely as you follow these columns, you won’t have noticed that in the butter section of the Superstore – at least in MY Superstore – there are no longer any packets of butter packed as four individually wrapped butter sticks. It started about 6 weeks ago. Although I am now somewhat indisposed and confined to barracks, the facts have been confirmed by Herself too. What more could you want?

I’m pretty sure all Superstores think alike. If not why are we all so e and i-connected?  Now my wife, for whom I am usually a grocery amanuensis, likes buttersticks. They are handy for the two of us, are marked with useful quantities for cooking (that I assume no one does any more) and if you pick up a soft one in high summer you can cast a butter handle, that, quick frozen – acts as model for your carving class.

So??? is it that no-one cooks, or is it that the CGS is after saving forests with all the extra paper it saves? I’m a bit dubious about that myself frankly. But (I got that from the butter) then there will more wood left for forest fires in BC – or for Government adverts about the wonders of Harperian Conservatism, and how it ticks (I got that from what was left of the stick).

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 9.42.38 PM

I just HAD to draw you this rendition of a four pack – far more deliciously lurid than you can’t get at TGCS. You can see how complicated it must be for the packers and everyone else.So that is the answer – mental simplification – the ability to remainder four pack packing machines and their four pack packing supervisors and quality testers (in case there are – GASP – 5 packets in the packet), PLUS all the paper you save – we can save the actual calculation for a Grade 3 arithmetic class. David Suzuki must be ecstatic, and “you know what” to all the Canadian housewives that still cook (from TCGS).

 good bye from Butterfingers ..


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