One, Two ….. can YOU get it correct? ROWE, ROWE your Egg

This is NOT (yet) a paid advert for Rowe Farm Eggs

(unless they want to get in touch, in which case of course ….)

Well forgive me for asking (about your arithmetic). There was a rumour around that pigeons could count, so now they have started with fowl, on the principle that if they improve their brains, maybe it will transfer to the eggs and a bit of the DNA will help those of us who have lost our four function calculators, or have forgotten to recharge the Smart***** << whatever it maybe – remember, even your toaster has WiFi now (AND reports back about your burnt buns). Catch your breath – that was far too long a sentence. SOooRRYeee.  Anyway have a good day, and another one tomorrow. I can’t help you with what happened yesterday.

So, thanks to an insider letting me into an approved ROWE FARM egg producer farm, I can pass on my insight to the panting consumers.


And I’m not holding my breath (about hearing from ROWE).


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