Then, and now: two landscapes – where are the aliens when I need them?

I was recently incarcerated for a week with an excellent view from my bedroom window of the glacial shoreline of Lake Iroquois across the bursting landscape of spring – vineyards in the middle distance. I first of all made a loose pencil sketch – I was still a bit dozed with drugs – and had no intention of doing anything else. Then I thought – well why not try to represent the landscape as it might have been 12,000 years ago, just before ice retreated way east of the Adirondacks and the lake dropped in level to match then lower outlet.

This was much easier to draw since I had to make it up! – constrained though by reasonable surmises as to the conditions, and given the known topography. This entertained my attendants and visitors, so I took to colouring the first drawing – using the selection of coloured pencils I had to hand. Although they were water soluble – I made virtually no use of that popular option because I didn’t want to mess it up, and notebook paper might not withstand corrections.

So here we have it! With a telescope you just ‘might’ have seen Mastodons roaming the landscape beyond the lake, though I doubt it had time to grow spruce trees, or much else for them. Although I’d love to show a polar bear on the ice floes – there would have been no seals to feed on – and not much else either.

The modern drawing was easier: the freight trains rumbled by at odd intervals – shuddering the Hospital equipment and spoiling some of their readings – no foresight there! but plenty of hindsight. The road above the old cliff was too far away to be bothered fitting in a car – that would be much smaller than Mammoth anyway.

OK, OK, the First Nation canoe is pretty dubious!! After all, what would they eat?

View from 3B20 12,000 years ago

modern view
modern view from 3B20

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