42 Douglas Adams was right – well damned close !!! ¡¡¡¡¡

You’ll all remember that 42 was the answer (posed by a politician for sure) to the question about “what’s the universe about and all that” (or some statement equally vague) in Douglas Adam’s writings. When that answer came back the hoi polloi realized that their question was rather vague. So they constructed the Earth as a computer that was going to tell them a more precise question to which it was the answer.

BUT  (there’s always a but, even when you spill black ink on your favourite Aunt’s best white carpet).

Just as Earth (classed as ‘Mostly harmless’ in “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Universe“) was about to spill out an answer – it was scheduled for destruction by a Vogon super space highway  ….

ANYWAY (you were getting bored)

It turns out that some physicists (that’s always a sign of an ad hominen attack) believe that the annoying probabilities that comprise the working analytics of quantum mechanics can be just as well explained by at least 41 perfectly normal (?? ¿¿, Newtonian Universes ¿¿) all (very) extremely close together in n-dimensional space, where n doesn’t appear in any normal news source. Their mutually jostling, is it consensual??, creates the quantum annoyances in any particular normal universe.

Douglas was quite right to choose 42 as a safe # of universes, since you can’t be quite sure if one may collapse into its very own black hole when you are down in the basement wondering why there is a white hole spewing sewage.

So here is my nomination for a Post Nobel Prize to Adam’s.

PS By the way – I have a perfectly sound 100 year old bridge, with mild rust problems, available should you want it ….

PPS  Never mind (it fell down)


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