A logical fairy story (including data com error smudge)

Pre-initial Statement

The formatting for this one got away from me. Sorry.

Smudge pic at bottom for the impatient.


There exist (some very) detailed photographs of the moon’s surface.

(Caveat: – the US Apollo missions never landed there {common knowledge, see YouTube}: therefore

(note to self : search ticket records at Disneyland for missing times they were away, OR check Nevada Fat Farms admissions).

Question   WHO did take the photographs and mail them to NASA?

Answer      WE DUNNO!! Whomsoever DID take the photographs,

sent them to NASA. Was it Mr or Mrs Alien?, the Man in the Moon

                   (taking Selfies)? or GASP – the Russians ???

Note: NASA has whole buildings full of photographs)

QED: NASA has (some very detailed) Moon Photographs

See! Logic is easy!



They did not like the photographs – least not the interesting bits.

Some people” at NASA, instructed by “other people,

saw things they did not like in the photographs, even though in 17 Missions

they never went there, (see Caveat above).

(Caveat: if they DID go they saw what they photographed and did not like it.) AT ALL

(or Caveat: the Big Wigs (beings mainly bald due to nuclear testing), did not like it when they saw it.

(note: THESE (very ‘portant people) knew what they did not like it, whenever they saw it.)

Question – What do the interesting bits look like?

Answer –     The mainly BALD bigwigs are the only ones that saw what they did not like. They knew right away.

Question –   Can we ask them

Answer        Yes

Question    So WHAT is their answer?

Answer        “Its classified – even though you all paid for it,

                     you cannot see the bits we do not like.”

ASIDE         Whoever said Bureaucrats were never art critics?

Question     So what did they do about the bits they did not like?

Answer        They had underlings smudge the photographs.

Question     What did they say the smudges were?

Answer        They said they were “scrambled and garbled data com blocks”.

It often happens – like on your old TV screen”.

Question      Why are some of these smudges so big they would

cover all of Manhattan, or Toronto?

Answer        Because they like to paint the BIG PICTURE with a BROAD BRUSH.

Question      What do we think the bits they do not like, actually are?

Answer        They might be private parts of The Man in the Moon.

They might hide secret supplies of  Green Cheese much

favoured in the information industry. The most common

belief is that SOMEBODY on an Apollo Mission left shopping

trolleys there, and they would be too expensive to bring back.

Question      Do you believe that???

Answer        Absolutely. No not really. Real wayout loonies (get that??)

think they may be A L I E N structures left or

maintained by (GASP) ALIENS,

                   maybe lots of them. Lots and lots.

Question      Why don’t the US just send some missiles and a couple of soldiers to sort them

                     ALIENS out – IT IS OUR (OUR => US) MOON?

Answer        There MIGHT be a very big nasty BanG somewhere, and they are not sure

where. Too, if there is a Walmart they need it for supplies.

Question      Oh Dear!!!!!    Oh Dear,    (tears) What do we do now?

Answer        Write your Congressman to lower your blood pressure and raise his, have

another beer, and buy a good BIG  telescope

and a VERY big brush.

Question      What are the bald BIGWIGS doing about it?

Answer        NOTHI….  Please pass the pails and the disinfectant barrel.

QED            There is a *loody BIG cover up going on, and there has been for years.

Tick the YES button for another charming fairy story from the Royal NASA Archives, and maybe with a fairy Princess to boot.

OK OK OK I KNEW you wanted to see a real SMUDGE.

Lunar Blur or Smudge (Late 20th Century) Unknown Smudgist, but quite adept on the day. May hide several Walmart shopping trolleys.

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