There is always that perfect house …

just out of sight ….

It is out of sight on Apple Maps too – one listing I looked at was dumped down into a thick woodland adjoining a river known for flooding its flood plain (WOW! – you believe it I know – but most Politicians don’t!) Those mapping programs play fast and loose with mailing addresses, especially for rural areas. It won’t be a problem for long since Canada Post is going to centralize everything to a bunch of mail boxes so we all have the same address. Rumour has it the Conservatives will go a step further if (IF) re-elected, and have the entire country’s mailboxes relocated to a lot immediately outside the CSIS building in Ottawa for easier surreptitious surveillance. After all, who would ever guess they’d have a bank of windows with digital cameras – a sort of complex eye lens trained on each of us as we grasp for our supplementary benefits? It will also stimulate the economy as we use public transport to come from Victoria to collect our cheques and Christmas cards. Vision is what they have.

Well to get back to real estate, many of us have dreamt of a lakeside cottage – haven’t we? Well here is one for sale … make me an offer:


I can show you exactly which lake it is on … No need to grapple with Apple Maps.


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