¿ Where do you want to be buried …. ?

I bet you think about it in odd moments, the frequency increasing with age. Anyway a year or two ago there was a big discovery in South Africa – a new hominid was found. Australopithecus sediba was the moniker a young man and his mother got – they may have fallen into the cave/crevice trying to reach water, the mother perhaps trying to help her son who had fallen in.

Since then, more bones have been found even deeper into a cave system. The world awaits the revelations about these more recently discovered bones, that include many individuals.

So all this naturally set me thinking – are we doing enough to inform future anthropologists about our species? After all its we are pretty much on the cliff edge with all this global warming. Will we be here in a couple of million years, or will our descendants be another branch of wannabe chimps? Its a big worry.

I had a wonderful friend Jim, who was very knowledgable about ancient peoples, so one day I took him to a limestone cliff we knew about and made a suggestion …


As you see he graciously declined. A missed opportunity, but that’s life – and death.

So, have a think about it and help out those future anthropologists -> the wannabe chimps that get lucky when we jump off the cliff – lucky that ocean is a bit higher than it was.

 ooo                     ooo

     \  Splash  ////    from me …    gurgle, gurgle ……. . .   .      .         .


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