Mass extinction and that sort of thing …

Nothing too heavy of course – mass extinctions are pretty common in Earth history. Not exactly two a penny, but maybe a baker’s dozen, if we count the ones we can’t count because plate movement has destroyed the evidence … Where are the old cold-case palaeontologists when you REALLY need them? And still we are here. << I used blue because we are a watery planet.

(Pssst … Don’t look now but 26th September is the next one.) Its all over YouTube – an asteroid is widely surmised to be splashing down in the Atlantic on that date (no GMT indicated yet), with free mega-tsunamis for all.

So that gets you thinking. And this is what I thunk.

It was either them or us ..
It was either them or us .. or the LGM

They certainly went somewhere – how can we ever be sure we have found ALL their bones?

Someone has to ask these questions. That’s what you don’t pay me to do.

Oh yes, have a shower late on the 25th of this month, just in case we all go upstairs ..

I’ll be back (yeah, sorry about that)


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