Aliens at the World Series

With Toronto red hot for the first time in almost living memory, and September halfway done, we have to be thinking of the World Series. Inevitably aliens will want to soak up the local culture with a view to Universal Franchises. {Shades of the Eagle comic in the 50’s (in UK anyway), with the Olympics between Earth and the Venusians (I think there might have been Martians too). The Venusians were tall, thin fast runners and supervised by the Mekon, their feared leader who floated around sitting cross-legged in a transparent bubble, and usually suspected as being up to dirty tricks that Dan Dare had to disrupt.}

Anyway, I happened to switch on my universal preview headset and managed to capture a screenshot of a key moment in the coming Series …. and don’t ask me why a trail of dried-out White-Out is doing a reverse meteor skit at the World Series – another security failure no doubt: —–


Lets hope these guys are fast learners …


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