What went BANG in the night? and who was there?

I am enclosing a very pretty picture of a Neolithic Hut ring I spotted in the Isle of Man. A spectacular coastal walk goes right by it. They obviously had a spectacular view of the sea, if you don’t mind a near three hundred foot drop to the said sea. Do YOU think Mom was nervous about the kids? Anyway here is the picture.

Perilous perch
Perilous perch

Now this raises a little question in my mind – because – do you see that grey arrow? That points out a vertical fracture in the rock mass (technically a joint, originally, that then became a fault when the chunk with the Hut Circle dropped 10m !)  Scary eh? Now did they build that hut before or after that happened? Or did it go BANG one very dark and rainy night? Or was it gradual and they never felt a thing?

Just imagine next morning!

“Hey MOM!!! guess what happened in the night!”

WHOP – “Don’t tell scary stories to scare your sisters.”

“Honest Mom!!!”, scampers off (stage right (Uphill)).

Now look at this satellite image (courtesy Google and the Isle of Man Government)


You can see all the cracks in the area (that is called “The Chasms”). I have outlined the fractures that delineate the slipped block. Some of the cracks on the seaward side terminate quite close to the Hut.

So thats a delayed Halloween scary tale for y’all.


PS my guess is they built it before it dropped – but what happened next is sheer speculation, just like the seaward drop.


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