Long time no see – me, that is, BUT

anyway, I thought we might all like to contemplate our palaeolithic past and wonder what it was like – having to sneak around the savannah amongst long grasses with umbrella trees here and there (a useful refuge if chased, but check for tree lions first), either looking for a carcase to scavenge (if you can chase off the vultures and hyenas with the sticks and flaked points), or a juicy antelope to corner, or well – I could go on, but it wasn’t like the big Box stores we have now.

Now of course its dead easy, hunting for a parking spot amongst all the gargantuan SUVs and souped-up pickup trucks, followed by pushing through the sweating masses in the stores, screaming kids with the limited vocabulary of “I wanna,” and an empty shelf once you find your choice morsel for Christmas, and the helpful “re-Stock” label to encourage your return, this year, or next. SO I drew this cartoon to epitomize our good fortune in the early 21st century, and perhaps suggest that not much has changed …

Hunting&GatheringHave a Happy Christmas … and a lion-free new Year

















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