Apple MAPS shows completely hidden hospital in Canadian field.

YouTube shows you aliens (some are gigantic), cities and crashed UFOs millions of years old on the Moon and Mars.

Apple MAPS is not to be outdone in the revelation of hidden structures: even on Earth. Look at this masterpiece of camouflage:


Now I am sure you were a good kid at school – so sit at your desk and write 100 words about what you see here. The dark shadow in the bottom left is the shadow cast by the huge UFO-like machine APPLE needs to be able to take such amazing images, so ignore that.

So what did you see? Just a humdrum field with track marks, dark lines of damp soil between the rows of grapes, a few farm buildings, and probably taken in early spring before the greenery got going, and after the Canadian whitery had thawed.

NOW – believe it or not there is a hospital there! HOW do I know? I spent a week in it a little time back (and if you look up my back posts at you will see two drawings from my window. One of about 12,000 years ago (yeah – I know what you are thinking – but all you need is the correct page on Youtube and its dead easy,) and the other of the view this spring. (Ask nicely and I’ll draw in an arrow showing the direction in which the views were taken).

But YOU NEED PROOF don’t you? Quite right. So we go to APPLE MAPS (bow to Apple’s one button philosophy, just one button for ALL of their new Cupertino Campus? Way to Go, Steve!!) Select the (gaaaassssp !!!) LABELS option in the drop down box (the other option is MAP). This is what you get:


SEE!!! There is a hospital there! and the bus symbol (in blue) is where they drop you off if you can’t raise an Über-ride.

Now that is a Hospital |+| to end all hospitals.  A FIELD hospital no less. As well as humans, it treats grape mould, crab grass infestations, and alcoholic ground hogs (in Fall when they pig out on fermented grapes).

So that is it folks – another amazing revelation about the workings at APPLE (check out my post on their MISSING MILLIONS as well).

THANKS for watching, and don’t fall ill round here – that hospital is hard to spot from the ground.


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