NEW HIGH SPEED train plan for US West Coast – VIA interested

This is so hot, its steaming out of my ears. I heard it on the grapevine, well actually from sparrows in the vines of my house, but that’s not monitored by CSIS, ISIS, SFA, FBA, NSF, ABC, or indeed by any three or four letter acronym compounded randomly from the 26 letters of the Alphabet you learnt in Grade 1. You SEE .. eddication is useful.

SO on the west coast (where else would you find a brilliant plan like this?) the plan is to use a double-headed caterpillar train (it would take for ever to turn the train, at least a year at each end).) By the time it gets from SF to LA, or vice-versa, they may have built the high speed link – but if they haven’t you will have had a nice leisurely trip along the coast, with all the usual scenic attractions, and a return ticket. A crematorium is available on the train, as well as a salad bar.

New High Speed Train Plan

In the picture I had to shorten it to fit it on the screen – but you can see the intent. You can see its a two level train with all terrain wheels.

ANYWAY VIA are REALLY interested for the Windsor – Montreal link. They may need a few feeding stations for the caterpillars, with winter woolies on hand too, but still they will be there before any Provincial or Federal Government does anything.

C’est moi keeping you in the loop


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