Aliens at the World Series

With Toronto red hot for the first time in almost living memory, and September halfway done, we have to be thinking of the World Series. Inevitably aliens will want to soak up the local culture with a view to Universal Franchises. {Shades of the Eagle comic in the 50’s (in UK anyway), with the Olympics between Earth and the Venusians (I think there might have been Martians too). The Venusians were tall, thin fast runners and supervised by the Mekon, their feared leader who floated around sitting cross-legged in a transparent bubble, and usually suspected as being up to dirty tricks that Dan Dare had to disrupt.}

Anyway, I happened to switch on my universal preview headset and managed to capture a screenshot of a key moment in the coming Series …. and don’t ask me why a trail of dried-out White-Out is doing a reverse meteor skit at the World Series – another security failure no doubt: —–


Lets hope these guys are fast learners …

Two Tablets for His Kingdom

In my youth we studied English History, and that inevitably involved large chunks of Europe: the Thirty year War, the Hundred Year War, and so on .. What do we have now? much the same (Tom Mulcair just remarked in interview with Peter Mansbridge that it was thirty five years of war in the Middle East), just with different names.

I thought this was about the only thing to say.


Mass extinction and that sort of thing …

Nothing too heavy of course – mass extinctions are pretty common in Earth history. Not exactly two a penny, but maybe a baker’s dozen, if we count the ones we can’t count because plate movement has destroyed the evidence … Where are the old cold-case palaeontologists when you REALLY need them? And still we are here. << I used blue because we are a watery planet.

(Pssst … Don’t look now but 26th September is the next one.) Its all over YouTube – an asteroid is widely surmised to be splashing down in the Atlantic on that date (no GMT indicated yet), with free mega-tsunamis for all.

So that gets you thinking. And this is what I thunk.

It was either them or us ..
It was either them or us .. or the LGM

They certainly went somewhere – how can we ever be sure we have found ALL their bones?

Someone has to ask these questions. That’s what you don’t pay me to do.

Oh yes, have a shower late on the 25th of this month, just in case we all go upstairs ..

I’ll be back (yeah, sorry about that)

Handyman speshul – right in view on your street

Moving time – in theory anyway – and time to read all those real estate booklets. The handyman speshul is no more – its fixer upper, or needs tlc, or some other mealy-mouthed alternative. Now think, is there a galactic or universal real estate booklet, out there? Do the little green men pour over their instantaneously available copy through the aether net? or does it come through the dark matter/energy net? Whatever, I wonder if this what they see on one of their screens?


It could come sooner than we plan.

¿ Where do you want to be buried …. ?

I bet you think about it in odd moments, the frequency increasing with age. Anyway a year or two ago there was a big discovery in South Africa – a new hominid was found. Australopithecus sediba was the moniker a young man and his mother got – they may have fallen into the cave/crevice trying to reach water, the mother perhaps trying to help her son who had fallen in.

Since then, more bones have been found even deeper into a cave system. The world awaits the revelations about these more recently discovered bones, that include many individuals.

So all this naturally set me thinking – are we doing enough to inform future anthropologists about our species? After all its we are pretty much on the cliff edge with all this global warming. Will we be here in a couple of million years, or will our descendants be another branch of wannabe chimps? Its a big worry.

I had a wonderful friend Jim, who was very knowledgable about ancient peoples, so one day I took him to a limestone cliff we knew about and made a suggestion …


As you see he graciously declined. A missed opportunity, but that’s life – and death.

So, have a think about it and help out those future anthropologists -> the wannabe chimps that get lucky when we jump off the cliff – lucky that ocean is a bit higher than it was.

 ooo                     ooo

     \  Splash  ////    from me …    gurgle, gurgle ……. . .   .      .         .

Look at this line up ..

I guess the breeding season is over for sparrows. But look at this line up on the utility lines into the house – they end just where the feeder is located . and this bunch of young sparrows know that very well. At one point there 43 on the lower line and 29 on the upper – I’ll leave you to count these!

This picture won’t win a competition but you can compensate by wondering how they decide who goes next to the feeder! There are one or two adults there as supervisors.


Is it any wonder the hedge grows so well ??