In the AFAR triangle : three’s a crowd

A recent announcement in the press tells us that now there are more jaw bones in Lucy’s backyard in Afar – speaking broadly, than in my backyard (mine are mainly from mice). They just turned up lying on the surface, but that’s thanks to Mr Erosion working closely with Father Time, after Terry Pratchett’s “DEATH” had passed by over three million years ago.

So WHAT on EARTH was going on there? I quote:

“Current fossil evidence from the Woranso-Mille study area clearly shows that there were at least two, if not three, early human species living at the same time and in close geographic proximity.”

Three is a crowd  in my book – so I funk about it, and wondered if they ever met, and if so what they grunted about?

So the following is the result of my ruminations.

Oh yes, I thought you might need a clue about the Red Sea.



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